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Thilomedia is a video production company based in Europe.

The studio works worlwide with a wide range of productions from action clips

to commercials, documentaries, VR360 and FVP drone photography.

Together with a wide network of skilled professionals, Thilomedia offers

the best solution customised to your needs. Thilomedia is continuously

inspired by the indescribable passion that fuels the action sport world,

and strives to transfer this epic feeling into all the work it does.

That stoke you get after spending a great day outdoors doing what you

love is exactly what Thilomedia wants it work to express. Actually, let's not

call it work. It's just what we love.


Francesco Thilo


Jennie Silj


our services

Brand Strategy: We can help you develop your creative concept and our authors can turn your ideas into a script.


Pre-Production: We find the perfect locations and actors, create call sheets and deal with permits. We can take care of all the preparation needed to shoot your dream concept.


Production: On the days of shooting we capture all the action, handle the crew and art direction, and can also document what is going on backstage if desired.


Post-Production: Finally we edit your footage, color correct and make sure to create the perfect sound matching your product. Our team can also assist with graphics, subtitles, animations and meta data.


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