Thilo Media is an independent production company led by Italian/German Francesco Thilo Sili. 

Born and raised in Rome, Francesco grew up skating, snowboarding and surfing. His love for alternative sports has given him a great appreciation for movement which lies at the foundation of his creativity.


At Thilo Media we are continuously inspired by the indescribable passion that fuels the action sport world and we translate this feeling into the work the studio does. 


With a complete RED camera set up and a wide network of skilled professionals, Thilo Media offers the best solution customized to your needs.


Since the first days of the studio back in 2013, Thilo Media has worked with a wide range of productions from action sports to commercials and documentaries, VR360 and still photography.

That stoke you get after spending an epic day outdoors doing what you love is exactly what Thilo Media wants it work to express.

Actually, lets not call it work. It is just what we love.

Some of our clients include: 

Any inquiries, ideas or just want to connect? Don't hesitate to get in touch. 

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